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Wen Xu:From Digital Imperialism to Digital Empire: the Global Logic of Digital Capitalism
     Release time: 2024-04-16

  Digital imperialism is still a kind of imperialism, which is protected by national sovereignty, strengthens the imperialism of digital capital based on digital capitalism, and presents the “dual logic” of digital capital and digital geopolitics. Digital empire transcends digital imperialism and transforms the digital global order into the internal dimension of digital capital manipulation, and together with national sovereignty to be characterized as diffuse digital sovereignty. Digital sovereignty does not reject other digital forces it encounters in the process of expansion, but absorbs these digital forces into its digital power space. The ultra-legalization of digital sovereignty imposes extraordinary rules on the unlimited and smooth digital public domain, and is gradually replaced by the rules of digital capital operation. Digital empire is a digital power mechanism that relies on the digital political model of digital liberalism to support its digital global order. The digital empire does not build a digital power center, but builds a global architecture of digital labor and digital markets, attempting to subsume all digital power relations into a digital global structure. The essence of digital empire power is digital biopolitical control. The masses have the potential to reverse digital life power and reshape digital biopolitics into a digital liberation path, thereby seeking a rational way out of the digital life world in resisting the digital empire.

  Editor: Zhong Yao Liu Tingting

  From: Theory and Reform.2024.No.1.

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