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Wang Wei, Yang Mingyan:Lenin’s Dual Logic and Methodological Consciousness on Improving the Struggle Ability of the Proletarian Party
     Release time: 2024-04-16

  On the basis of a deep understanding and grasp of the scientific truth of Marxism, Lenin used the mission requirements of seeking liberation for mankind contained in Marxism, the historical initiative spirit and historical laws to provide theoretical logic for the proletarian party to improve its struggle ability.He created practical logic for the proletarian party to improve its fighting ability by clarifying its core tasks, pointing out the direction of the party’s struggle, strengthening party building to consolidate the fighting fortress, forming multiple alliances to strengthen the party’s fighting power, and attaching importance to struggle practice to temper the party’s fighting ability.He organically integrate historical dialectics and revolutionary dialectics to achieve the “unity of body and function” between revolutionary theory and revolutionary movement.He also realized “the combination of hardness and softness” between firm principles and flexible strategies, “the combination of positive and negative” between heroic attack and orderly retreat, and “the combination of positive and negative” between general laws and special processes.These combinations narrowed the gap between scientific theory and Russia’s national conditions, built a bridge from socialism theory to reality, linked the Russian revolution with a new picture of the world revolution.For China,it provides important theoretical reference for the Chinese Communist Party to improve its ability to fight in the new era and carry out great struggles with new historical characteristics.

  Editor: Zhong Yao Liu Tingting

  From: Journal of Fujian Provincial Committee Party School of CPC(Fujian Academy of Governance).2023.No.6.

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