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     Release time: 2024-04-07

  •Special Contribution•

  Discourse Characteristics and Narrative System of the Common Values of Humanity         Wang Yonggui


  Practical Wisdom of the Successful Initiation of Chinese-Style Modernization - An Interview with Dai Mucai, Professor of School of Marxism, Tsinghua University     Reporter of this Magazine

  •Studying the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC•

  World Implications of the CPC Coordinating the “Two Overall Situations” in the New Era         Chen Yuanzhang

  To Make the Socialist System More Mature in the Process of Chinese-Style Modernization         Wang Tingyou

  Prospect of the CPC’s Methodology of Promoting Theoretical Innovation         Zhao Fuke 

  •Building the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation•

  Three Major Problems in the Construction of Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation         Wang Yanzho

  Fine Traditional Chinese Culture and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics         Sun Laibin

  Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation from the Perspective of Historical Materialism         Zeng Nan

  •Study on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era•

  Significance and Value of Xi Jinping’s Important Discourse on Family Construction   Yin Danping

  Research on Xi Jinping’s Important Discourse on Scientific and Technological Innovation         Dong Xiaohui

  Theoretical Contribution and World Significance of Xi Jinping Economic Thought    Wang Lu

  •Basic Tenets of Marxism•

  Marx and Engels’s Thought on the Unity and Solidarity of Proletarian Party and Its Contemporary Value                                                            Liu Mingming

  Historical Narrative Logic of Capital and Its Dialectical Structure         Fu Wenjun

  •World Marxism and Socialism•

  An Analysis of the Reasons for the Historical Evolution and Decline of the British Communist Parties in 100 Years                                                 Song Xiongwei

  Historical Rise and Fall of the British New Left and the Reflection on the Times    Huang Fei

  •Trends and Information•

  Innovative Development of Ideological and Political Education under the New Leap of Marxist Sinicization - Review of the 2022 National Seminar on Ideological and Political Education

                              You Lin

  Focusing on the Deepening Study of Chinese-Style Modernization with Historical Materialism - Review of the 2023 High-Level Forum of the Chinese Historical Materialism Society and also the Seminar on Chinese-Style Modernization and Historical Materialism             Zhang Yin



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