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     Release time: 2024-04-07
  •Special Contribution•
  On Spirit of Historical Initiative                                    Tian Xinming
  Deepening Patriotic Education for College Students in the New Era - An Interview with Professor Huang Rongsheng, Director of Marxist Theory Research Center, Southwest University            
  Reporter of this Magazine
  •Studying the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC•
  Common Features and Chinese Characteristics of Modernization           Yuan Yinchuan
  Chinese-Style Modernization: Dialectical Unity of Value Measure and Truth Measure           Lu Guoqi
  Traditional Culture Foundation of the Modernization of Harmonious Coexistence between Human and Nature                                                            Li Juan
  •Building the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation•
  On the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation                        Shang Zhixiao
  To Build the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation through the Creative Transformation and Innovative Development of China’s Fine Traditional Culture               Chen Zhigang
  The Core Meaning, Value Implication and Practical Adherence of Building the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation                                               Zou Shaoqing
  •Study on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era•
  Original Contribution of Xi Jinping’s Important Discourse on “Four Confidence”            Han Meiqun
  Xi Jinping’s Strategic Thought on the Party’s Self-Revolution            Qin Shusheng
  Appearance Pattern, Composition of Strengths and Continuing Path of the Chinese Communists’ Spiritual Pedigree                                                   Wang Yuxin
  •Basic Tenets of Marxism•
  Theoretical Narration of Marx’s Idea of Labor Justice                          Lin Zhiyou
  •Sinicization of Marxism•
  “On Practice” and the Consciousness of Sinicization of Marxism           Tang ZhengdongOrigin and Purport of the CPC’s Historical Self-Confidence - Inheritance and Adherence of Marx’s “Weapon of Criticism” and “Criticism of Weapon”           Li Nan
  Formation of the Spirit of Zunyi Meeting under the Guidance of the Great Party Building Spirit                                                                    Yang Da
  •Trends and Information•
  Chinese-Style Modernization and New Form of Human Civilization - Review of the Tenth Forum of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era     Shao Fangqiang
  New Mission of Culture and New Form of Civilization in the Great Changes of the World - Review of the Establishment Ceremony and the First Symposium of the Professional Committee of Contemporary World Culture and Civilization Studies of the Chinese Historical Materialism Society                                                              Jia Qingwen
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