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     Release time: 2024-04-07
  •Special Contribution•
  The Whole-Process People’s Democracy Is a Genuine Democracy - The Form, Conditions and Practical Methods for Realizing the Idea of People’s Democracy             Lu Pinyue 
  Landmark of the Latest Achievement of Adapting Marxism to the Chinese Context and the Needs of Our Times - An Interview with Professor Liu Jianhui, Former Deputy Director of Education, Party School of the Central Committee of CPC (National Academy of Governance)
  Reporter of this Magazine
  •Studying the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC•
  A Four-Dimensional Examination of Chinese-Style Modernization Theory         Chen Jinlong
  The Logical Starting Point, Historical Evolution and Value Purport of Chinese-Style Modernization         Duan Hong
  Chinese-Style Modernization Theory Is the Latest Major Achievement of Scientific Socialism         Gao Jiwen
  •Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era•
  On the High Degree of Consistency between the Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture and the Values of Scientific Socialism                                       Kang Xiaoqiang
  The Basic Experience of the CPC in Comprehensively Strengthening the Construction of Socialist Ideology in the New Era                                           Jiang Zhiqiang
  The Theoretical Logic, Historical Logic and Practical Logic of “Two Combinations”  
  Wu Wenlong
  •Sinicization of Marxism•
  The Deep Implication and Internal Logic of the “Two Answers” to Breaking out of the Historical Cycle                                                               Liu Jianwu
  The Logic Path and Value Implication of the Construction of Chinese Marxist Academic System (1919-1949)                                                         Wang Haijun
  The Basic Experience of the CPC in Strengthening the Party Member Building                                
  Zheng Qi
  The Historical Appearance, New Development and Times Value of Inner-Party Education Promoting the Party’s Self-Revolution                                   Jin Xiaoyong
  •World Marxism and Socialism•
  The New Characteristics and Trends of the Development of European Radical Left Parties in the 21st Century                                                  Wang Congcong
  The Development History, Theory and Contemporary Implication of the Greek Communist Youth League                                                        Zhuo Mingliang
  •Trends and Information•
  Opening up a New Realm of Adapting Marxism to the Chinese Context and the Needs of Our Times - Review of the Theoretical Conference of “Marxism Works, Particularly When It Is Adapted to the Chinese Context and the Needs of Our Times”                  Wang Feng
  Advancing Full and Rigorous Party Self-Governance in Depth with the Spirit of Self-Revolution -Review of the Ninth Forum on Theory and Practice of Ruling-Party Construction        Dai Xin
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