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     Release time: 2024-04-07

  •Special Contribution•

  Deeply Understanding and Grasping High-Quality Development in the System of Economic Laws        Liu Fengyi


  World Significance of Chinese-Style Modernization - An Interview with Zheng Chengjun, Vice President of Beijing International Studies University                Reporter of this Magazine

  •Studying the Spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC•

  On the Distinctive Chinese Characteristics of Chinese-Style Modernization     Cheng Meidong

  Study on the Autonomy of China’s Modernization: A Re-exploration of a Core Issue

           Liu Lyuhong

  Chinese-Style Modernization Is a New Form of Human Civilization             Liu Xukuan

  •Building the Modern Civilization of the Chinese Nation•

  Deeply Grasping the Theoretical Implications of Combining the Basic Tenets of Marxism with the Fine Traditional Chinese Culture                                       Wang Yi

  •Study on Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era•

  The Connotation, Practical Pattern and Deepening Path of the Self-Revolutionary Discourse of the CPC in the New Era                                                   Yue Kui

  Investigation from Three Aspects of the Construction of Grassroots Democratic Politics in the New Era: Historical Main Line, Action Strategy and Modern Trend         Chen Rongzhuo

  The Scientific Connotation, Theoretical Characteristics and Practical Direction of Xi Jinping Thought on Internet Power Strategy                                 An Jing 

  •Basic Tenets of Marxism•

  The Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall from the Perspective of Political Economy Paradigm - Also on the Systematic Deviation of Okishio Theorem to the Theory of Total Social Capital Reproduction                                           Wang Shengsheng

  •Evaluation and Analysis of Ideology and Social Thoughts•

  China’s Opportunity and Response in the Reshaping of World Cultural Pattern    Zhang Chunxia

  Risks of Ideology under the Control of Digital Imperialism Algorithm and Ways for Precaution        Li Jiangjing

  •Critique of Contemporary Capitalism•

  Ideological Characteristics of Western Party System Theory                  Zhang Feian 

  The Discourse Essence and Social Foundation of Populism                   Zhao Dingqi

  •Trends and Information•

  World Socialist Movement and Chinese-Style Modernization in the Centennial Changes - Review of the 11th International Communist Movement Forum and the Launch of the New Book Series of The International Communist Movement Development Report        Lin Chan

  Striving to Open up a New Realm of Adapting Marxism to the Chinese Context and the Needs of Our Times - Review of the Founding of the Institute of Marxism in the New Era of Tianjin Normal University and the First National Forum of Marxism in the New Era        Zhang Guangquan


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