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Yang Tianyu: Political Economics Analysis of Digital Monopoly Capital
     Release time: 2024-04-07

  After the emergence of digital monopoly capital, a series of basic theoretical problems were triggered, and Marxist political economics was needed for theoretical interpretation. From the perspective of the source of monopoly profits, digital monopoly capital can be defined as the production and sales of monopoly data -related products, and it mainly obtains the capital form of high monopoly profits through monopoly pricing and data bidding. From the perspective of economic performance, the monopoly forces of digital monopoly capital in market structure, market behavior and market performance links have strengthened the control of monopoly capital in the field of digital economy. From the perspective of economic influence, the impact of digital monopoly capital on microeconomics and macroeconomics has a duality. It has the effect of improving productivity and promoting economic growth in some aspects, but it has the opposite negative effects in other respects. To regulate digital monopoly capital, you can measure the monopoly forces of digital capital based on the overall concentration indicators and average profit

  From:Contemporary Economic Research.2024.No.1.

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