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Xin Ming: Strategic Thinking of the Chinese Communists
     Release time: 2024-02-21

  The Communist Party of China attaches great importance to strategic thinking and emphasizes that strategic thinking will always be the way of thinking of the Chinese Communists. Overall viewpoint, opponent consciousness and practice character are the most distinctive characteristics of strategic thinking, which is the overall thinking of practical activities. In strategic practice and leadership work, having an overall viewpoint is to have the overall situation in mind while making overall plans, grasp the overall trend to see how things will develop from the first small beginnings, focus on the major events to laid out the key first so that the details are easy to deal with, and be adept in grasping the essence of things and the internal laws of development through complex phenomena, the main contradictions and the main aspects of contradictions in the development and changes of things, and the major relationships, important areas and key links in the implementation of strategies. The skill of strategic thinking is beyond strategies; different world views and values, different ways of thinking, and different realms of practice will provide different strategic choices, which in turn will determine the quality of strategies. Adhering to the Marxist belief, cultivating the Chinese cultural thinking, and improving strategic practice will steadily improve our strategic thinking, which is because the strategic view of the Chinese Communists is highly unified with their world views, values and methodology.

  Editor: Zhong Yao Deng Panyi

  From:World Socialism Studies.2023.No.8.

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