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Shi Zhenping:Analysis of the Erroneous Views Denying the Lofty Ideals of Communism
     Release time: 2024-02-21

  Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed the issue of communist ideals and beliefs. However, for a period of time now, there have been people who have constantly disparaged and denied the lofty ideals of communism. The first common practice of their disparaging and denying the lofty ideals of communism is to equate the Soviet model of socialism with Marx’s scientific prediction of the basic characteristics of the future society, and to set the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics against the lofty ideals of communism, so as to achieve the ultimate denial of the lofty ideals of communism by denying the Soviet model. The second common practice of theirs in disparaging and denying the lofty ideals of communism is to create an ideological confrontation between the successors of Marxism and the founders of Marxism, and to use the new understanding of socialism gained by the successors of Marxism in practice to disparage and deny the scientific predictions of the founders of Marxism on the basic features of the future society. Their third common practice is to separate and oppose the adherence to Marx’s view of socialism from its development, to speak only of development without adherence, and to deny the lofty ideals of communism in the name of “developing” Marx’s view of socialism. These views are not only erroneous, but also extremely harmful. Any attempt to disparage and deny the lofty ideals of communism is futile.

  Editor: Zhong Yao Wei Xiaoxue

  From:Studies on Marxism.2023.No.10

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