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Fang Tao: An Analysis of Mao Zedong’s Thoughts on the Party’s Leadership in the Economic Work
     Release time: 2024-02-21

  Mao Zedong always attached importance to the Party’s leadership in the economic work, and as early as the time in the Central Soviet Area, he proposed that “attention must be paid to the economic work”. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he made it clear that the financial and economic work should become the “main agenda item” and the CPC’s leadership over industry, agriculture, and commerce must be emphasized. Mao Zedong summarized the lessons and experience of the CPC in leading the economic work, and emphasized that the Party’s leadership in the economic work should be realized through political, ideological, and organizational measures. Specifically, it means that correct line, principles and policies must be formulated and implemented to ensure the correct direction of the economic work; that the CPC needed to learn how to lead the economic work through formulating new theories and strengthening ideological and political work and policy education; and that organizational system for the Party to lead the economic must be improved in order to build a team of Party members and cadres who are proficient in both politics and economics based on the principle of being politically sound and professionally competent. Mao Zedong’s thoughts on the Party’s leadership over economic work has important practical implications. On the new journey in the new era, we must unswervingly take economic construction as the center of the Party’s leadership in all work, uphold the Party’s leadership over the economic work in all respects and lead the economic work on the basis of objective laws.

  Editor: Zhong Yao Deng Panyi

  From:World Socialism Studies.2023. No.10.

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