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Lu Bindian,Sun Peiyun:The Technological Logic of Digital Capitalism and Its Criticism
     Release time: 2024-04-11
  Digital capitalism is the capitalism of information age, it represents the new productivity development requirements and future development trend. Data and platforms with data as the core impact the status of traditional productive forces such as land,labor, capital and technology, change the specific form of contemporary labor,emerge into a new exploitation and accumulation mechanism, and maintain the production and reproduction of capitalism.Digital capitalism with big data and algorithm as the core has led to the decline of traditional epistemology. It overrules causation with relevance,replaces directness with mediation,usurps signifier,and then constructs the world as a virtual digital world. At the same time, digital capitalism creates digital alienation,spawns data fundamentalism and digital fetishism,exacerbates the digital divide and creates new inequalities.It deepens its ideological rule over people by means of surveillance and control.It is a long and arduous task to get out of the cultural siege of digital capitalism,which requires us to dialectically understand the technical logic of digital capitalism, continue dual spirit of philosophical criticism and political economy criticism,and strengthen the ethical norms and scientific guidance of digital capitalism.
  Editor: Zhong Yao  Wei Xiaoxue
  From: Socialism Studies.2023.No.5.
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