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Muhammed Shabeer: Protests erupt in Germany after exposure of far-right conspiracy to deport migrants
     Release time: 2024-02-28

  In the wake of revelations about a far-right conspiracy in Germany to expel migrants and “non-assimilated citizens”, progressive sections in Germany have launched militant anti-far-right demonstrations across the country, raising the banner “Together Against the Right,” in defense of democracy and against fascism.

  From January 19 to January 22, more than 1.4 million people, including leftists, trade unionists, youth-students groups, and various other anti-fascist groups hit the streets in more than a hundred cities across Germany, protesting the xenophobic maneuvers and political schemings of far-right groups, including the Alternative for Germany (AfD). A major demonstration has also been called in Berlin by anti-fascist sections on February 3.

  On January 10, the German non-profit research institute? a shocking investigative?report?on a meeting held in the Landhaus Aldon guest house in Potsdam on November 25, which was attended by Austrian and German far-right politicians, including notable members of Alternative for Germany (AfD), Union of Values and a couple of members from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU). These politicians discussed plans for “remigration” or deportation of migrants from Germany.

  The left, social democrats, and liberal sectors of the country have condemned the far-right conspiracy against the migrants.?Calling for militant protests, the platform “Together Against the Right” has?stated?that “the AfD has shown its vile face: politicians of the party want to expel millions of people who do not fit their racist ideology. For far too long, politicians have watched as right-wingers spread hatred and incitement. It is also clear that the shift to the right does not stop with the AfD. Those who adopt right-wing positions and call for mass deportations pave the way for inhumane ideas. We can only stop the AfD and co. if we stand together as a society against their right-wing extremist ideology.”

  The platform has demanded stricter action from the government to curb such far-right plots and called for serious commitment from major political parties to fight the far-right.

  To make gains in the upcoming regional elections in the east, the AfD has been trying to cash in on the disenchantment of the people with the austerity-ridden, pro-rich, pro-war policies of the incumbent traffic light coalition government headed by Chancellor Olaf Scholz. For example, AfD has been trying to hijack the ongoing farmers’ and workers’ protests while spearheading a divisive campaign targeting migrant communities in the country. Farmers’ unions, who launched major?protests?across Germany against cuts in subsidies and hikes in taxes, have already called out to their members to distance themselves from actions orchestrated or called by AfD and far-right groups.

  On January 20, the German left party Die Linke?stated?that “The AfD is planning mass deportations together with Neo-Nazis. Anyone who has a migration history, the wrong skin color, or who helps refugees would have to leave the country. And at the next state elections in Thüringia, the AfD could become an even stronger party. It’s high time to act! As an anti-fascist party, we now must oppose the far-right with all our might.”

  Over the last decade, far-right terrorism has been on the rise in Germany. In several instances,?collusion?between far-right criminal networks like neo-nazi National Socialist Underground (NSU) and the state security services in Germany has been exposed, triggering widespread protests.

  Editor: Zhong Yao Deng Panyi

  From: (2023-1-23)

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