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Xin Ming:On 21st Century Marxism
     Release time: 2024-04-19
  As a good summary of the latest Marxist theories such as Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, 21st century Marxism does the following: It consciously complies with the logic of Marxist development; it continues to ensure that theories keep pace with the times and that practice is innovated and developed; it marks out the historic orientation of grasping the initiative and leading the revitalization of world socialism based on the essence, characteristics and trends of the profound changes unseen in a century; it makes original contributions on major theoretical issues such as the historical and logical unity of the evolution of the stages of social development, the integration of national rejuvenation with the course of world history, the inevitability of CPC strengths promoting political advancement, and the historical and cultural heritage for adapting Marxism to the Chinese context. With the new civilizational form of the Chinese path to modernization, the new economic globalization model of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the new global vision of a human community with a shared future, it provides a new competitive advantage for the Chinese path and contributes Chinese approaches to human development and progress. The great creation of 21st century Marxism makes Marxism shine with a more effulgent light of truth and gives its practice greater power.
  Keywords: 21st century Marxism; development logic; profound world changes; Chinese path
  From: Social Sciences in China 2023 44 (2)
  Editor: Wang Yi
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